May 2017 - Going on a bug hunt!

 Busy day for our students down at Carpdell fishery today. With the main lake occupied it was the perfect time for our AIMS students to start to tackle their environmental module. They need to consider the effects of pollution on food sources, so first things first they needed to understand what lives in our rivers and streams. A pond dipping session soon revealed the extent of what makes up the food chain in these watercourses as they worked to identify species such as mayflies, caddis, olives gammarus, leeches, water snails as well as the smaller fish species and crayfish. Great session and look forward to seeing their write ups next week. As for Daniel, he had a go at feeder fishing on the pond as part of his CAST Course and managed a good stamp of fish with Carp and Perch. Keep it up guys and girls, your doing really well!