March 2016 - WAC hits the Streets!

  26th Marchsaw the first session of the Street Lurz Course in Hemel Hempstead. Lots to cram in to this 12 hour programme, but is was great to work with a group who gelled together quickly as a team all participating in the classroom session where they agreed rules they would set as well as consequence levels, the onto topics such as bankside safety, rod licences and knots. Thanks to their teamwork, this was completed ahead of time so allowed us two sessions on the canal with a lunch break in between. Despite the weather our intrepid explorers made the trip down to the canal and clocked up the miles as they explored a number of pounds. Fishing was tough, there were a number of short bites from small Perch, which are a tough challenge for new anglers to hook. The successful approach was to size everything down, using cut sections of lures with smaller hooks in the hunt to land first fish. Still lots to complete next week, but with a bit of homework there should be plenty of time to get back on the bank.