September 2015 - New Personal Bests for both Stuart & Reece!

  A day of personal bests for Stuart and Reece. We started off homing their skills on pole rig making before getting bankside. Proved to be that there wasn't a great deal happening on the nearside margin but the carp rods cast to the opposite treeline were to be a different story. Congratulations to Stuart who is on a roll after landing his first carp last week, his first Carp of the day was a new personal best, bringing the scales round to 21lb 08oz, he quickly followed this with a 14lb mirror. Then it was Reece's turn to get amongst them landing his new PB in the form of a common weighing in at 18lb 08oz.   More photos in the WACerz Gallery under capture WAC Coach Tony wasn't going to miss out and sneaked out a common for himself in the afternoon! Another enjoyable session and looking forward to next week where the boys will be fine tuning their casting skills as we move onto target practice to the marker rods...lets see if they can meet the challenge and achieve accurate casting at 60 yards by the end of the session.